Thursday, 19 February 2009

Weekly Fashion Worldwide

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, as you probably all know if you read my introduction - I like my blog to be personal and original, I prefer to photograph pictures myself rather than to take them them from, or websites as such. Today is the start of London Fashion Week and I have been invited to two shows....... Caroline Charles and Eun Jeong, I am extremely excited for both of them. Caroline Charles designs are all quite classic, but never the less very elegant. She has had many fashion week shows in the past and is a very successful designer. Eun Jeong is a very new designer, she won 2008's Fashion Fringe competition (previously winners = Aminaka Wilmont, Christopher Kane etc) and as a prize will be showcasing her fabulous designs in 2009's London Fashion Week! Her invitation is to the left of us (sorry it was photographed that's why it's the wrong way round). 

I will be updating my blog as soon as I get home today after the shows!

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