Sunday, 22 February 2009

Our New Favourite Designer : Eun Jeong

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, in every fairytale, in nature, and even in real life there is the story of the Ugly Duckling transforming into the gorgeous, elegant swan - e.g. the catepillar transforming into the bright, colourful, mind boggling butterfly, and a cranky, moody teenage girl transforming into a stunning, polite young woman. Everything and everyone transforms in different ways, over different amounts of time, although Eun Jeong's designs transformation wasn't so extreme between her Fashion Fringe collection and her London Fashion Week aw09 show, there was a definite improvement - from her pretty, sleek white cut out frills draping off all her garments in Fashion Fringe........... to her gorgeous, orginal, quirky designs, and colouring of them in her London Fashion Week Show. I personally see lots of potential in Eun Jeong - thumbs up - she's the next Dior!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Now it's time to throw out your beloved - Wet Look Leggings

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, there is one item in most of your wardrobes, that is probably sitting there folded neatly, freshly new (though you bought it in the summer) with the label still hanging off it. Yes, don't worry its not only you that hasn't worn it, most of us fashion followers were also biting our lips when we read in Teen vogue about all the hottest style icons wearing "leather/wet look leggings". Honestly, they're just ugly - if you are a skinny stick/ six foot model - who has access to all the top labels such as Balenciaga, and Rodarte - I agree wet look leggings can look amazing on you....... but for most of us its a NO,NO,........ so go ahead, breath in some courage and just throw them away!

Weekly Fashion Worldwide

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, as you probably all know if you read my introduction - I like my blog to be personal and original, I prefer to photograph pictures myself rather than to take them them from, or websites as such. Today is the start of London Fashion Week and I have been invited to two shows....... Caroline Charles and Eun Jeong, I am extremely excited for both of them. Caroline Charles designs are all quite classic, but never the less very elegant. She has had many fashion week shows in the past and is a very successful designer. Eun Jeong is a very new designer, she won 2008's Fashion Fringe competition (previously winners = Aminaka Wilmont, Christopher Kane etc) and as a prize will be showcasing her fabulous designs in 2009's London Fashion Week! Her invitation is to the left of us (sorry it was photographed that's why it's the wrong way round). 

I will be updating my blog as soon as I get home today after the shows!

Introducing The one and Only.......

Dear fellow fashion bloggers,
The key in fashion is individuality, being different and standing out in the crowd - whether you are wearing a bright yellow beret, or floral tights - being fashionable has its own real important message "to be unique, original and fashionable you have to be able to accept yourself and never feel self conscious.... as there will of course be times when people stare at you - DON'T let that stop you, they are either some grumpy old man, another fashionable girl dead jealous of your style, or some bratty teenager that refuses to look at clothes if they aren't from Abercrombie,  Hollister, Juicy or the Ugg shop".

Of course I don't want my blog to turn out as "just another fashion blog", so I'm going to try to keep my ideas as original as possible! So first off to give my blog a hint of mysteriousness I will never tell anyone my name - I will be known as the "I love you with a passion-fashion blogger", and nothing else.

I will update my blog weekly with five new posts that will have the same title each week: Weekly Fashion Worldwide (-what's a fashion blog without fashion),  Now it's time to throw out your beloved........(in this section I will discuss what item in everyones wardrobe is finally becoming outdated), Our new favourite designer (I will be showcasing some new designers of who's designs I adore) , Now it's time to hit the shops to buy..........(the UNtraditional item of the week!) and of course fashion gossip of the week (every blog needs some gossip - readers would faint otherwise).

I hope all you readers very much enjoy my blog, and if you have any new ideas for me then please comment below or let me know somehow - I am always open to new ideas.

                  xoxoxoxoxoxo Iloveyouwithapassion-fashion blogger xoxoxoxoxoxox