Sunday, 22 February 2009

Our New Favourite Designer : Eun Jeong

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, in every fairytale, in nature, and even in real life there is the story of the Ugly Duckling transforming into the gorgeous, elegant swan - e.g. the catepillar transforming into the bright, colourful, mind boggling butterfly, and a cranky, moody teenage girl transforming into a stunning, polite young woman. Everything and everyone transforms in different ways, over different amounts of time, although Eun Jeong's designs transformation wasn't so extreme between her Fashion Fringe collection and her London Fashion Week aw09 show, there was a definite improvement - from her pretty, sleek white cut out frills draping off all her garments in Fashion Fringe........... to her gorgeous, orginal, quirky designs, and colouring of them in her London Fashion Week Show. I personally see lots of potential in Eun Jeong - thumbs up - she's the next Dior!!!!!!

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